Legal responsibilities of nursing students

Nursing students are responsible for their own acts of negligence committed during the course of clinical experience so, to fulfill responsibilities to the clients and to minimize chance for liability, nursing students need to:

  • Nursing student should respect safety and well being of clients in learning experience.
  • He/she should not provide second signature, check for controlled drugs, blood products and medications listed as requiring independent double checking, double signing and documentation.
  • Make sure they are prepared to carry out the necessary care for the assigned client.
  • He / she should ask for the additional help/ assistance or close supervision in situations for which they feel inadequately prepared.
  • He/she should comply with the policies of the agency in which they obtain their clinical experience.
  • He/she should comply with the policies and definition of responsibilities supply by school of nursing.
  • He/she should understand the students responsibilities and accountability and work under supervision.
  • He/ she should ensure that the his/her knowledge ,skill and abilities are up to date.
  • He/she  should maintain confidentiality of the client or the agency in which they obtain their experience.
  • Act professionally with regard to punctuality, attitude and image and dress according to uniform policy.
  • Ensure you gain consent from client before performing any procedure.
  • Identify oneself as a student to the patient at the first opportunity.
  • Recognize and be competence in work and patient.
  • He/she shouldn’t give legal advice to the clients.
  • Document well.
  • Do not transport patient alone when the presence of a registered nurse is required.
  • She should maintain effective and good, clear and accurate communication skills with the patient and co-workers.
  • She should the respect the need and wishes of the client.
  • Nursing students should also take common sense precaution.
  • Nursing students should not accept gifts from client.

Nepali Nurse

Nepali Nurse,RN,BSN

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