Nursing as a Profession

Nursing is gaining recognition as a profession internationally. International council of nurses approved the following definition of nursing: “Nursing as an integral part of the health care system, encompasses the promotion of health, prevention of illness and care of the physically, mentally ill and disabled people of all ages, in all health care and other community settings.” A profession is an occupation with ethical components that is devoted to the promotion of human and social welfare. The services offered by a profession are based on specialized knowledge and skills that have been developed in scientific and learned manner.

Nursing profession is an art and science dominated by an ideal services in which certain principles are applied in the skillful care of such an appropriate relationship with the physician and with other who have related responsibilities. Nursing profession functions autonomously in the formation of professional policy and control of professional activity thereby. It attracts individuals of intellectual and personal qualities who exalt services above personal gain and who recognize their chosen occupation as a life work and strives to compensate its practitioners by providing freedom of action, opportunity for continuous professional growth and economic security. Three essential components of professional nursing care are care, cure and coordination.

Identify Nursing as Profession

Nursing has its own identity as a profession. It is no more a para- medical profession. The present day attitude towards nursing lowered the image and status of the profession. Consistent position regarding a separate identity and give due recognition to the role contribution of nursing personnel.

Qualities of Professional Nurse

  • The nurse should enter the profession with a strong moral character.
  • The nurse should be eager  to secure more knowledge  of experience in nursing.
  • The nurse, when engaged in the practice of his/her profession should have the primary obligation to make as much time as possible available for the study and care of patient.
  • The nurse should make available as much time as possible for his/her work.
  • The nurse should be willing to share his/her research finding in nursing with other.

Nepali Nurse

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