Nurse doesn’t have solo responsibility for medication administration. But nurses are responsible for evaluating the desired effect of patient’s medications. Standing orders give nurses the authority to carry out specific action when a physician is not present.


Standing Orders are specific instruction regarding treatment for condition that nurses and other health workers may encounter in home, school, and industries where a doctor is not readily available.

The standing Order are intended to provide treatment only in emergencies and temporarily in the absence of a doctor, they should be limited.


1.To meet emergency situation in rural area.

2. To deliver care at home , school, community.

3. To provide temporary treatment in the absence of a doctors.

4. To promote health service in community.

Types of standing order

1.Institutional standing Order

2. Specific Standing Order

3.General Standing Order

General Instruction

1.Standing order instructions should be issued jointly by an authorized medical office and a nurse or a committee with a nurse representative.

2. The community health nurse working in rural areas may be only qualified professional person readily available to the family, so standing instruction must be used with caution and discretion.

3. Standing Orders are these to promote health service in the community.

4. The medical officer is legally responsible for issuing standing orders and he should have faith in the sound judgment on his staff.

5. They reduce danger in acute condition

6. Every health services should issue standing instruction to meet the health need of the areas.

Role of nursing in standing order

1.The community health nurse should be skillful in recording the history and in physical examination in order to detect abnormality.

2. The nurse should maintain a record of vitals and other care given to the patient.

3. The community health nurse should be prompt in detecting appropriate action for particular situation.

4. The nurse should have thorough knowledge to identify the actual problem of the patient and to plan appropriate nursing intervention.

5. The nurse should intervene with services according to the given community standing order.

6. The nurse should develop a good therapeutic relationship with the individual and family.

7. The nurse should use referral system if it is possible.

8. The nurse should inform the health officer immediately , if there is a communicable disease.

9. Nurse should keep the medication safe and ready to follow standing orders.

10. Nurse should ensure a safe and healthy environment for patient.

11. Recording and reporting is a essential part of community health services.


1.Community standing orders provides timely treatment during emergencies.

2. They enhances the quality and activity of health services.

3. They provide a feeling of confidence and responsibility in the nursing staff and other health workers.

4. They help to decentralize the health responsibilities.

5. They help to strength the primary services in the community.

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