Professional Development

Professional development

It is the process that the person maintains the quality, relevance of the proportional service throughout his life and case.


It is a systematic maintenance, improvement, broadening Knowledge, development of professional quality to meet the technical duties throughout the working life.

Professional Growth

 It is employee’s development plan process that incorporated exclusively feedback, analysis, planning &dialogue for delivering on personal & professional growth. Not only employees jobbut at the same time the person who is employed has responsibility to work for professional development.

Importance of Professional development

b) As nurse are working fast track technical environment the changes occurring in in practice and make a decision of pt’s care, communicate with pt and team. Nurse gets freedom to get their own decision all to the patient’s condition.


  1. Most important is to provide safe care & quality care to the patient so nurse should engage them in lifelong learning.


1 It increases productivity (few nurses also can provide by quality care)

2. It requires less supervision (Autonomous)

3. Will have job satisfaction.

4. Development of skills due to continuous learning.

For any organization, there are 5 things which are important

a) Man b) Money c) Materials d) Methods e)Machinery

Among them, most imp is qualified Man as for they determining and quality of that organization. Man is very important. In Nursing organization one of most imp duties is to help the nurse to develop professionally, to provide quality nursing care. If implemented properly with principles of a Nursing organization, professional staff development is achieved. They have to design development programme & same time implement in proper way so Increase or better nursing care is obtained.

Professional development/ Staff development is process that assist individual in agency/Organization in attending new skills and knowledge as to increase level of competency &they will grow professionally.

For professional growth & development employer can provide various training conduct educational activities for improving Knowledge, skill & attitude of the personal & professional. Even higher studies can be given. So the organization can have a growth & productivity.

Importance of Need of Professional /Staff development

 It has been said the need because of societal changes and advancement

(1) To keep pace of rapid expansion and advancement of medical technologies.

2) To fill gap between present capabilities of the staff and the scientific basis for practice and assess the staff to work toward the clinical development or advancement and Improvement and professional progress.

3)To fulfil the demand of highly qualified nurse administrator and to provide high nursing tech care.

4) To help staff to be research oriented and provide practice based nursing care

5) To help increase efficiency of organization

6) To help in development of quality care.

7) For successful operation & progressive growth & development of the organization

8) Due to continuous learning, growth; & the aspiration or inspiration gets stimulates and the level will be high.

Goal of Professional development

To see the measurable improvement in staff performance at same time productivity must be increased.


1. To staff organization with capable nurses, staffas well as nursing administrator.

2. To obtain maximum potential of all the nursing staff.

 3. To ensure modernization (maintain gap between old and modern technology)

4. To address training need of nurses.

5. To develop congenial organizational climate that adds quality of nursing care(Satisfy)

6. To achieve organizational objectives


  • It improves Knowledge, skill attitude of nurses.
  •  It broaden the outgrowth of nurses knowledge in relation to job, relation, duties, policies
  • It develop the future nurse manager
  • It help to keep nursing personnel up-to-date about new tech & improve their professional standard

How to develop professional growth & development

Professional growth is a continuous process.

1. Develop a guiding policy for professional growth &development as we have to determine specific procedure how we can conduct or implement the programme. Policy should describe administrative plan and steps of growth and development. Policyshould be based on organization goals and objectives.

2)  Formulate goals and objectives of the professional growth and development

While developing we have to consider employees needs, interest. While developing objectives, it should be measurable, quantitative specific, attainable, realistic, time bound.

3 Plan of professional growth & development

Plan all the activities and encourage collaborative participation. Decide when, how, where you want to do or the details are to be written.Collaborative participation should be there. Make clear why implement that are you doing the programme.

4. Implement the goal

Whatever plan they are to be implementing or scheduled which may be formal, informal or mixed.

5. Evaluation process

Take appropriate action. Evaluate the stated goal &development was met or not. If not met, lacking is to be identified & make change for next plan.

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