103 Staff Nurse Vacancy at Gandaki Province

1st published date: 2079/4/26

Required post:

  1. Medical Officer
  2. Hospital Management Officer
  3. Medical lab Technologist
  4. Lab Technician
  5. Staff Nurse
  6. Health Assistant
  7. Biomedical Technician
  8. Radiographer
  9. Pharmacy Assistant


1.Application Form: Download and fill the form given on the website of this Ministry at mohp.gandaki.gov.np and submit the application along with the documents to be attached to the application form to the concerned hospital / office where you want to serve.

2. Documents required

a. Candidate’s additional personal details, copy of Nepali citizenship certificate S.L.C. And above, copies of certificates of educational qualifications, copies of certificates of relevant councils that are valid/renewed, copies of certificates of work experience and training in the relevant field.

b. A copy of the certificate submitted with the application must be certified by the applicant himself and submitted.

c. Within the last day of submission of application. All the documents and certificates mentioned in the above must have been obtained, and if it is necessary to reveal the equivalence, the same documents must also be submitted. Incomplete, expired and conditional applications will not be registered.

3.Place of work in the hospital/office where the application is submitted.

4.Application Fee: For 8th / 7th level Rs. 1000/- (one thousand) and for the fifth level Rs. 500/- (five hundred) should be paid. (Note: The entire voucher submitted with the application fee should be submitted along with the application form.)

a. Office Name: Ministry of Health and Population, Gandaki Province

b. Office Code No. 35501391014

c. Revenue Title No. 14224 (Examination Fee)

d. Bank Account No: 100010020010000 (National Commercial Bank of the concerned district)

e. Bank Account No.: 27302000001001000001 (Nepal Bank Limited, which conducts government business of the concerned district)

5.Last date for submission of application: 2049/05/01 on Wednesday during office hours. If there is a public holiday on that day, it will be until the next day.

6. Type of Exam: Interview.

7. For other detailed information, it is requested to see the website of this ministry at mohp.gandaki.gov.np.

Nepali Nurse

Nepali Nurse,RN,BSN

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