Government Vacancy at Udayapur Hospital

Udayapur Hospital Management Committee

Information regarding contract vacancy

First published date: 2078/11/29

As per the decision of Udayapur Hospital Management Committee dated 2078/11/28, applications for Udayapur Hospital Udayapur have to be filled in the service contract through competitive examination as per the specifications. Applications are invited from interested candidates within 7 days from the date of publication of this information. No action will be taken on the application received after the deadline.

Vacant post:

  1. Staff Nurse 5th level – 4
  2. Radiographer – 2
  3. Assistant computer operator – 2
  4. Guard – 3


Exam type: Written, Information Technology Skill Test / Experimental, Interviews and Interviews for Watchmen only.

Exam Fee: Rs.400 / – (only four hundred in letters).

Exam Center : Udayapur Hospital, Udayapur.

Place for fee payment: Administration Branch, Udaypur Hospital Udaypur.

Documents to be attached: Copy of citizenship, certificate of educational qualification as well as registration with the concerned council

Last date to apply: Until 2078/12/05.

Age limit of the candidate: In case of posts in the civil service, under the age of 18 years, 2078/12/05 has not reached 35 years of age and in the case of posts in the field of health services, the age of 18 years has been completed by 2078/12/05. Not less than 45 years.

Written & Interview Examination: Will be notified on 2078/12/06.

Date of the interview: After result of the written test will be notified when it is published.

Job Description: Services, groups and subgroups.

Salary: As specified by Udaipur Hospital Management Committee.

Minimum qualification required:

  1. For the post of Staff Nurse: Passed certificate level in Nursing subject from a recognized educational institution.
  2. For the post of Radiographer: Passed Certificate in Radiography from a recognized educational institution
  3. For the post of Assistant Computer: Received computer training 6 months from a recognized organization after passing SLC
  4. For the post of watchman: – Know how to read and write.

Nepali Nurse

Nepali Nurse,RN,BSN

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