300 Staff Nurse Loksewa Vacancy 5th level

Information of Public Service Commission, Central office

Special advertisement for the post of Staff Nurse of Nepal Health Service, General Nursing Group

Information no. 720/078-79

Publication Date: 2078/12/02

As per the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Government of Nepal dated 2078-11/16, a request has been made to fill 300 posts of Nepal Health Service, General Nasing Group, Fifth Level, Staff Nurse immediately. The following number of advertisements have been published for the candidates to pass the examination.

Applications must be submitted through psconline.psc.gov.np.

  1. Candidates who have reached the specified minimum qualification will have to apply online through the Commission’s online application system psconline.psc.gov.np 2076/12/22 and pay double fee by 208/12/29.
  2. The application fee of Rs. 400 / – will have to be paid. In case of candidate applying for additional advertisement on behalf of inclusive group, additional group will be charged Rs. 200 / – Two hundred group fee will have to be paid.
  3. Candidate should have completed 18 years of age and not reached 45 years of age by 2038-12. There will be no age limit for reinstated permanent civil servants.
  4. After submitting the application through online, if there is a public holiday within the office hours the day after the last date of application to pay double fee in Hilo, then on the first day of office opening, the prescribed examination fee double fee amount must be paid through Connect IPS system or bank.
  1. Candidates should upload the documents specified in the relevant advertisement including educational qualification, training, experience, business license certificate, inclusive group solicitation documents in the specified place of online application system in PDF format. All candidates will have to scan the front of their citizenship certificate and upload it in JPG format. Candidate should be fully accountable for the details mentioned in the application.
  2. Experience period Minimum service period has been completed till the last date of application for the relevant post in case of advertisements requiring advertisements.
  3. According to the Employees Adjustment Act, 2075, the civil servants working in the posts of character level or similar before the adjustment will not be candidates in this advertisement.

Nepali Nurse

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