What are done during a sexual assault forensic exam?

What is RAPE?

Rape is typically defined as oral, anal, or vaginal penetration that involves threats or force against a person who is unwilling (ie, nonconsenting) or incapacitated (because of cognitive or physical disability or intoxication). Such penetration, whether wanted or not, is considered statutory rape if victims are younger than the age of consent.

What is done during examination?

DNA evidence from a crime like sexual assault are collected from the crime scene, but it can also be collected from body, clothes, and other personal belongings.

In most cases, DNA evidence needs to be collected within 72 hours in order to be analyzed by a crime lab—but a sexual assault forensic exam can reveal other forms of evidence beyond this time frame that can be useful if you decide to report. 

What are done during a sexual assault forensic exam?

  1. Immediate care. If any injuries that need immediate attention, those will be taken care of first.
  2. History. About current medications, pre-existing conditions, health history, Recent consensual sexual activity, details of what has happened to help identify all potential areas of injury as well as places on your body or clothes where evidence may be located.
  3. Head-to-toe examination. Full body examination, including internal examinations of the mouth, vagina, and/or anus. Taking samples of blood, urine, swabs of body surface areas, and hair samples. With permission, collect items of clothing, including undergarments. Any other forms of physical evidence that are identified during the examination may be collected and packaged for analysis, such as a torn piece of the perpetrator’s clothing, a stray hair, or debris.
  4. Possible mandatory reporting. If minor, the person performing the exam may be obligated to report it to law enforcement.
  5. Follow up care. 

How long it takes to examine?

The length of the exam may take a few hours, but the actual time will vary based on several different factors

Who can examine?

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs), Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners (SAFEs) and Sexual Assault Examiners (SAEs) 

Source: rainn.org

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