Complications with IV therapy

Complications can be from the insertion of the IV catheter or from fluids/meds being infused intravenously⁣

This usually happens if we blow the vein during the insertion (the needle pierces through the vein causing blood to leak)⁣
Symptoms – blood/bruising developing at the site, a hard and painful lump may appear⁣
Treatment – apply pressure & ice, elevate the extremity

IV fluid leaks into the surrounding tissue (this happens if the IV is not properly placed in the vein.. remember to always assess for blood return.. or if the catheter has been displaced from patient movement)⁣
Symptoms – no blood return, pain, swelling, & coolness at the site⁣
Treatment – remove the IV, elevate the extremity, don’t rub the area⁣

This is inflammation & irritation of the vein (can lead to a clot – thrombophlebitis)⁣
Symptoms – high pressure alarm on the IV pump, heat, redness, and tenderness at the IV site⁣
Treatment – remove the IV and start a new one on the opposite arm⁣

Microorganism enters the body through the IV (can happen during IV insertion, while IV is not in use, during med administration, etc.)⁣
Symptoms – redness and swelling at the site, tachycardia, increased WBC, malaise⁣
Treatment – remove the IV, obtain a C+S, ABX after C+S results⁣

Fluids are administered too quickly ⁣
Symptoms – HTN, crackles, dyspnea, and JVD ⁣
Treatment – slow or stop IV (ask DOD for the order), elevate HOB

Nepali Nurse

Nepali Nurse,RN,BSN

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