Healthy Skin Care Tips

There are different ways or you can say habits that you can follow to get a glowing and healthy skin.
1. Specific care for your skin type– choose products according to your skin type. Like for oily skin, you can go for Neem which is meant for rough skin. Also, you can opt for teak tree oil including products.
2. Pay attention to your skin where it is fragile– some areas of your face like lips, eye contour, etc are more fragile as compared to other areas which require more care. They are more sensitive and need to treat those areas in a special manner.
3. Cleansing should be done on a regular basis- don’t forget to remove your make up after the end of the day and use pH neutral makeup remover so as to maintain the balance pH balance in your skin.

4. Take special care of your eyes- the skin on eye contour is more sensitive and thin as compared to other areas and you need to follow special routine for make-up removal for such areas.
5. Moisturize and stay hydrated: Choose the mildest moisturizer that suits your skin and keeps it healthy. Also, drinking water after regular intervals is necessary to maintain a glow on your skin.
6. Exercise regularly: You must give your body a good workout. Running, jogging and yoga will definitely give your body the necessary blood circulation. It also helps in cleansing of your body, thus a glow is a reward to you in exchange of your workout.
7. Sleep well: An eight hour sleep is a must for every adult and you shouldn’t skip that. You must let your body relax and enjoy a beauty sleep that will revitalize your skin.

Nepali Nurse

Nepali Nurse,RN,BSN

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