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Karnali State Government, Directorate of Health Services, Ministry of Social Development, Mehelkuna Hospital, Surkhet

Staff Requirement Information

First published on 2078/08/17

A.V. of Mehalkuna Hospital. As per the annual budget and program of 2075/79, for the operation of Integrated Women’s Health and Reproductive Health Program (Union Conditional Grant) and Therapeutic Service Program (Union Conditional Grant), the following posts have to be filled in the service contract. This notice has been published for information to apply within office hours within 15 days from the date of publication of this notice.

Vacancy for following post :

A) Towards Maternal and Newborn Program

  1. Medical Adhikrit

level: Eighth

Required number: 1

Advertise number: 01/078/079

2. Anesthesia assistant

Level: Fifth

Required no: 1

Advertise number: 02/078/079

3.Staff nurse

Level: Fifth

Required no: 2

Advertise no:03/078/079

B) Towards free treatment reinforcement program for sick newborns

  1. Medical Officer

level: Eighth

Required number: 2

Advertise number: 04/078/079

2.Staff nurse

Level: Fifth

Required no: 2

Advertise no:05/078/079

C) Towards strengthening and management of hospital services

  1. Hospital Management Officer

level: Seventh

Required no: 1

Advertise no: 06/078/079

2. Type of Examination: According to the Karnali State Government’s Technical Manpower Selection (First Amendment) Procedure 2077, according to the weight of marks other than interview.

3. Examination Fee: Rs. 1,000 / – and Rs. 400 / – for assistant level. Application Procedure: Eligible candidates will be required to submit an application form at this hospital. The application form can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Social Development,

4. Last date to apply: 2078/9/2 till 3 o’clock.

5. In the case of the post, it will be as per the rules of the state government.

6. Salary, Allowance: In case of ASBA trained Medical Officer and Anesthesia Assistant by mutual agreement and others.

7. Service contract period: Until mid-August 2071 (if the program and budget under the same heading is received in the coming year Can be renewed.

8. Necessary Minimum Qualification: Must have obtained the qualification as per the Health Service Regulations 2055 and have been registered in the concerned council and in case of Hospital Management Officer, at least Bachelor level in Hospital Management Course has been passed.

9. Documents to be submitted: Application Form Certificate of Educational Qualification Passed Funds, Updated Council Registration Certificate, Certificate of Nepali Citizenship, Certified Copy of ASBA Training Certificates.

10. If there is any amendment in this notice, it will be posted on the notice board of the office. For more information, call the office within office hours. No. 083-410041 and Mo. No. 9858080502 can be contacted.

Nepali Nurse

Nepali Nurse,RN,BSN

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