Vacancy at Sankhuwasabha

As per the decision of the Sankhuwasabha Hospital Management Committee dated 2078/06/10, the following employees have to be recruited for the contract service through open competition in the following posts in this hospital.

1.Staff nurse: Fifth level
Number: 3
Minimum educational qualifications and required documents:

  • Certificate of Nepali citizenship, – Certificate level in a related subject from a recognized educational institution
  • Certificate registered with the concerned council,
    -2 copies of photo and
    -at least 2years in ICU ward work experience.
  • Certificate of Nepali citizenship,

Number required: 3
-Certificate and 2 copies of photo
-Certificate of Nepali citizenship
-Certificate of passing from a recognized educational institution and
-2 copies of photo

3.Security guard:
Number required: 2

Remuneration and Services as per the rules of Hospital Development Committee-3.

Types of exams: Written, interactive and experimental

Place to receive and submit application form: Sankhuwasabha Hospital Administration Field.

Last date for submission of application is 2078/07/07 within office hours.

• The date of conducting the examination will be fixed as the date of contact.

Contact Date: 2078/07/08 If there is a public holiday on that day, the next day.

For more information: 029-560187, 9852058300.

Nepali Nurse

Nepali Nurse,RN,BSN

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