Gandaki Loksewa Vacancy, Health 5th level

In health Sector following are the level for vacancy. For the application visit

  1. Health Assistant: OPen-1 , Female-1
  2. Public Health Nurse: Open-1, Female-1
  3. Staff Nurse General: Open-3, Female-1, Janajatis-1, Madhesi-1
  4. Lab Assistant: Open-2, Female-1
  5. Radiographer: Open-1

Local Applicants

  1. Assistant: Open-41, Female-19, Janajati-5
  2. Public Health Nurse: Open-2
  3. Staff Nurse General: Open-2
  4. Anesthesia Assistant: Open-1

Nepali Nurse

Nepali Nurse,RN,BSN

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