Covid Duty

How can I forget that day 2078.04.11, it was my birthday and night duty. I work as an ICU Nurse in a tertiary hospital. The increasing covid cases in our hospital with shortage of staff made me do duty from ICU to Covid ward.

I went to Covid ward where there were 32 patients and only one staff nurse. While writing this I still have all those visuals in my eyes. Can you imagine only 2 staff nurses and all 32 inpatient covid cases with continuous admission. I completed all the file works and went to bed side. Though I want to spend all my time with patient care I was not been able to do so. I along with the staff nurse did all the work.

We have to wear PPE for a very long time so I felt like if i will be suffering from pneumonia as the sweat in my body making me wet all inside. All the visitors want us to spend more time with their patients but we were not able to do so. Visitors says ” We have paid such a huge amount to this hospital and we are not getting proper care.” I was helpless.

We were not paid a great amount for what we do. Not satisfied with the salary and behavior of the administration. With increase in flow of patient there must be enough staff. Apart from salary we are not provided with free medicare facilities. Though we want to give 100% we are stepping back.

Moreover, I want to request all the hospital administration to manage the staff and praise atleast what we do. This birthday will always be remembered.

Tina Chhantyal, RN,BSN

Part 2: Dear PPE

Nepali Nurse

Nepali Nurse,RN,BSN

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