An unemployed nurse

Nursing is one of the most challenging subject in which you saves many lives, brings happiness to individual and their families but unfortunate is that you forget peace of mind ever exist in your life. 🥺

“How should I introduce myself with you? I am a Registered Nurse with no job even after one year of my Bachelor degree.” says Indira.

There is no surprise on being called jobless. I have found many people who are Registered Nurse but still no job. It’s been almost a year of my degree but i am still here with no job.

I spend my time helping my family, caring after my nephews, searching and applying in job vacancies. It’s not that I have not tried, I tried my best but in vain. I am happy with my family but deep down while every friends are getting job and working in hospital I am still searching for it. Before joining nursing I was like a kid in a candy store so happy that my future will be more bright. Now those obstacle I’m tackling driving me up. As it may be because of unemployment I faced my condition as awful, ample of doubt towards the government arises in my mind where institution for nurses with appropriate salary is very less. Jobs respective of the qualification is hard to get. Nursing degree in my hand but all my struggles sinking on sand.

It is not all about drawbacks our vigorous struggles enhance the health of whole country as well as it flourish many nurses too. Well, to be honest, it’s not that much interesting job but if team work is always a priority then it acts as a stem. I am trying my best and will try my best to get that job my qualification deserves.

Nepali Nurse

Nepali Nurse,RN,BSN

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